MacBook Air A1466 820-00165

Laptop motherboard accident damage by a large amount of milk, laptop not able to power on, customer bring for repair a few weeks later after the accident.

Disconnect the battery is the first thing need to do after any liquid damage. Disconnect the battery is the first thing need to do after any liquid damage.
Damage around CPU
Damage under the keyboard
A closer look how liquid effect in laptop
Electronic components are not organic, It can not regain health by put it in the rice, put it on the Heater or by purchase a new laptop charger. Once these form it can then cause the device to short out and effectively destroy the components on the mother
Total damage area
Let star repair, carefully chemical clean out the liquid from the motherboard.
Short circuit burns a big hole on the motherboard, rerouting power circuit to skip short circuit.
replace faulty si8409db p channel MOSFETs
replace damage Sdzt15r 6.8V Zener
Detect no backlight on screen,screen backlight IC short circuit
A closer look how liquid effect IC
Reinstall new backlight IC
Detect SD card reader no response,repair damage signal circuit.
Detect can not power on by battery,repair damage signal circuit
Repair a burned out keyboard cable
Repair burned screen cable
Motherboard repair finish.
Final acceptance test and ready to go.

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